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Repair and Maintenance

Any responsible roofing contractor will know that roofing repair and maintenance is an essential component of roofing services.  Hibbs Contracting is well aware of what weather conditions and unforeseen occurrences can mean to even a well-constructed, quality roof.  Routine maintenance and inspections are regular services that we are happy to provide to our residents and businesses in the greater Rochester, NY area.  As your local roofing professionals at Hibbs Contracting want to keep a roof over your head, we also provide emergency roof repair services!

The experienced roofing repair & maintenance crew at Hibbs Contracting can decrease the occurrence of opportunistic leaks and keep homes and businesses dry.  It takes the experts to accurately survey any problem areas and perform the correct fix, which could be patching or require more extensive roofing repair work.  It’s all about extending the life of your roof and ensuring your initial roofing investment lasts.