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Rochester Home Improvement Tips

For Your Kitchen

Kitchens that truly have a creative flare are worth the cost of renovation!  Whether you will stay in your home forever or sell your home eventually, a warm and inviting kitchen is a prime asset to your home’s value.  You may choose to re-purpose material from your current kitchen, which can be a good place to start in planning a design!

The more a home improvement contractor can see of your desires, the better they can help you realize your dream.  This process can also help you rule out features you don’t wish to have.

You may want a lot of new appliances, but you also need the room to use them!  Avoid an unnecessary cluttered look.

Avoid the dust traps and clutter that often collects on the top of cabinets.  You will also add more cabinet space that way!

This will help give your kitchen an open and friendly appearance, but also give you room to work!

Will your family be growing? Do you enjoy entertaining? Kitchens are a natural gathering space, be sure you have plenty of space!

Kitchen cabinets are usually the first feature noticed in any kitchen. High quality cabinets not only optimize the appearance of your kitchen, but quality construction will ensure the safety of your heavy dishes.

Kitchens are typically the main focus of any house, however they shouldn’t be your whole house. With custom renovations, even the smallest kitchens can be your dream kitchen. Be sure to keep your expectations, desires and budget realistic.

For Your Roof

You may have cracks, missing shingles or other visible damage.  When inspecting from the inside, look for any evidence of leaks, such as water stains.

A good-looking roof greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home.  For most home styles, the roof covers a large percentage of the exterior view.

Roofing contractors can digitally show you potential roofing solutions applied to your home, to better assist you with your selection.

Some municipalities may have restrictions on how many times you can re-cover an existing roof.  Some local developers can also restrict allowed roofing materials.

This should include having full liability insurance and workers compensation.  Ask for prior client testimonials.

To include detailed cost specifics, roofing materials to be used, color specifics, whether you need a previous roof removed, etc.  The proposal should include all details, start to finish, including a proposed timeline for the construction.

Roof remodeling is a long-term project.  When looking at your budget, divide the total cost of the roof by the number of years of the new roof’s life expectancy.

But there are different choices!  It’s a good idea to find out more about other materials, such as clay, cedar, or tiles, etc.,  if you want a different look. Always consider such factors as fire safety and potential damage from weather conditions.

Work with your roofing contractor to determine the appropriate amount of ventilation needed.  The National Roofing Contractors Association also has guidelines for ventilation, as well as other resources for information about roof remodeling.